Dr. Steve Pieczenik: We Did The Counter-Coup Through E-mails And Assange

By: Q.

Russia was not involved in the election. We the Chinese and Russia all hack. The domestic truth is Hillary Clinton’s Billion dollar bid for the White House was a failure.

She spent a billion on TV ads, She paid them off (the networks) it is clear. Her camps provided the scripts, narrative, access, and stages to make the news. They took the packaged propaganda and the ad revenue and had content

The New York times is owned by a drug lord in Mexico. people please wake up, or at least look it up.

It was a soft coup set up by hi level intelligence operatives and it goes right on up to the office of the out going president and Agent OBAMA.

Clearly as I have been saying since OBAMA raised 650 Million Dollars as an out of know where JR. Senator for his candidacy for president. He was a candidate all right! OBAMA is / was a CIA operative. His Mother who it seems was too and acted with great distinction, as was her father, OBAMA’s grandfather a CIA operative as well. This is the reason why the powers that be on both sides of the political spectrum and those behind the curtains did not act on the facts of the fraudulent birth certificate. It would have blow his cover and the public might have in greater numbers have woken up to the apparatus.
NeoCons and NeoLiberals who all have their fortunes as a result of the Government / Military Industrial Complex are begging to not get the boot and hold on to positions and plans, but Trump is not doing it the old way. The Republican party is no longer the GOP. Trump did not suck the coffers dry and by a stroke of whatever you want to call it fate or luck, Jeb bush did not get to milk the conservative electorate of it’s cash. So the donor base is in great shape, this Trump win has won many over to a new type of republican party and leadership.

Military and Homeland security are in Trumps Cabinet. As well as Wall Street Good guy from Goldman Sachs. Some people think this is a bad omen, I tell you what these gents know where the bodies our buried and who to root out of Washington and how.

The sycophants that produced the daily briefings seems like they and the support apparatus is on it’s way out. This is Trumps way of letting the CIA know about the new reality of their relevance.

With the elimination of 1 million bureaucrats from Washington the USA could realise $200,000,000.00 dollar in savings immediate relief. The old guard knows the change is real.

Business and the Military / Intelligence contractors are going to have to be ready to bargain with the Fed.
The US should be happy that it may turn out to be that you will not be buying $2500.00 toilet seat lids for much longer.

Lockheed and Boeing are proof that Trump and his people are going to start running a more tight fiscal ship.

So these new truths lead to some inevitability good and not at all good reactions.

One there will be a flood of intelligence agents out of a job and back on civilian streets. One can only hope this will help drive new jobs in the private sector.

As well we will now have a clear and present reason to track and monitor these people as they in effect where complicit in a soft long drawn out coup. Many if not most have access and high level clearance to classified systems and information. Sadly the net will be spread to anyone in their network either real time or on the internet.

A new McCarthyism is here and this time there are clear and present enemies to the USA from within.